Limited Posters started in 2015. Our mission is to offer exciting and affordable art from independent artists from all over the world to everyone. We ourselves know many great artists who deserve more attention. With Limited Posters we want to give them a new platform.

The idea to offer one limited piece of art for only one week might seem unusual but we like the idea of limiting something for a certain time and honor the artist and his/her art by giving him/her 100% of the space and attention on our homepage. In times where you can buy everything at every time in an unlimited amount this seems to be a step back. But a good one - so we think.

We are two longlife friends and have always been interested in art. One half of us is a photographer and the other works at a printing company. So we are able to provide the exact printing quality we want - for the best price possible. That`s why you won`t find the offered piece in this size and quality anywhere else. The artist gets a share of each poster which is sold and the rights remain with him/her the whole time.


We will donate €1 from each poster sold to a charity organisation. The artist choses which charity.


Note: we start printing when the time to order is over and all orders have been placed. So you might wait a few more days for your art to arrive but we promise - it`s definitely worth it. After that the art won`t be available anymore!


*Get a unique piece of art for your home for an affordable price.
*Support independent artists and charity.
*Be quick. Get it now. Or never!

If you have further questions have a look in our FAQs or write us an e-mail.

If you are an artist you can submit an artwork through the contact field here